Windows Client and Server System Analysis


Windows Client and Server System Analysis

Assess your Windows client/server platform’s resilience against modern threats

Improsec performs an independent security analysis and assessment of the security state of a selected Windows client or server. The assessment can either be performed on a standard laptop or server with a Windows image deployed with standard business applications.


  • Assess your Windows client/server platform’s resilience against modern threats

  • Identify misconfigurations and insufficient hardening, that could lead to loss of confidentiality and integrity

  • Tangible recommendations based on recognized best practices for improving security of the Windows platform


The deliverable of the analysis is a written report containing the following:

  • A non-technical section with an Executive Summary for management and decision makers

  • A technical section including detailed observations and tangible recommendations to improve the security level and hardening of the system


Based on our extensive knowledge of current attack vectors, we analyse how specific configurations and installed applications can be circumvented and exploited. We test for modern attack vectors, such as: credential theft, lateral movement, privilege escalation, persistence techniques, anti-malware bypass, application whitelisting bypass and arbitrary code execution.

During our analysis we investigate areas such as: boot process, data protection, assigned permissions, patch management, Group Policies, services, scheduled tasks, administrative practices, supported protocols, firewall configuration, drivers, etc.

The analysis is performed on a domain-joined Windows client or server provided by you.


The delivery requires minimal involvement of your technical staff.


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