Security Advisory and Consultancy


Security Advisory and Consultancy

Overwhelmed. Understaffed. Unprotected. Still want to improve security?

Don’t worry - many organisations do not have neither time nor resources to get the insight they need to improve their security level – let alone improve the actual security. That is why Improsec is here - we want to take active responsibility for improving your security.

We engage with you both on a technical and strategic level.

Our Security Advisory and Consultancy services are designed with your realities in mind, built to help you prioritize your security initiatives, align them with your business, and get it all done yesterday.


  • Improve your actual security

  • Prioritize security initiatives according to risk to your business

  • Implement the prioritized actions that will decrease your attack surface the most

Technical security advisory

We often experience that the easy fix to new security challenges is investing in new technology that will bolt-on security and increase complexity. We have a pragmatic approach to security and often prefer to enable and configure existing security features in your environment – security features that you already paid for – that will eliminate or mitigate the security challenges just as well as investing in new technology.

Technical Security Advisory is most often project based, where we assist our clients’ internal IT department, or outsourcing partner, in implementing technical security controls, such as, Application Whitelisting, Endpoint Protection, Log Management, SIEM, Security Hardening, Network Segmentation, Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Multi Factor Authentication, etc.

Strategic security advisory

During Strategic Security Advisory we are often acting as interim CISO, or as assistance to the CISO. We ensure that our clients’ organisation is maturing, inspired and improved to take care of the many different areas within cyber security: budgets, organisational changes, recruitment, policies, procedures, standards, etc.

Some of our clients also use us for sparring and inspiration for their Security Operations, IT department, Internal Audit and/or outsourcing partners where we conduct hands-on workshops to maintain vigilance and knowledge.


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