Privileged Access Workstation


Privileged Access Workstation

Build a safe and secure environment to manage critical infrastructure

Improsec helps with architectural decisions in building a secure baseline configuration and deployment of Privileged Access Workstation (PAW). This security configuration and design will serve as a baseline for PAW’s, designed to support the current architecture for your security management.


  • Design and implement a safe and secure environment to manage critical infrastructure

  • Evaluate and enhance the security management architecture and security management procedures

  • Protect the credentials of your highly privileged administrative users

  • Concrete recommendations for replacing an existing and less secure jump host, or other out-of-band management architecture


The deliverable of the engagement is:

  • Specific recommendations for PAW architecture and deployment

  • Recommendations for PAW usage and best practices in secure management

  • Implementation of the recommended PAW solution

  • Documentation of the implemented PAW solution


Based on our assessment of your requirements and current security architecture as well as our extensive knowledge about PAW implementation/usage, we will design a secure configuration baseline for PAW deployment in your environment.

We will utilize our knowledge about modern hacking techniques and current threats to design the PAW solution to be able to withstand advanced adversaries on the network. During our PAW security baseline design we also consider best practices for securing and hardening critical infrastructure as outlined by recognized security industry leaders.

If requested, we can assist in implementing and documenting the recommended PAW solution.


The delivery requires on-going involvement of your technical staff.


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