Blue Team Optimization


Blue Team Optimization

Assess and optimize the effectiveness of your Blue Team operations and implemented solutions

Improsec conducts an independent analysis and assessment of currently implemented Blue Team solutions. The analysis and assessment will evaluate the effectiveness of your internal or outsourced Blue Team operations, such as an internal SIEM solution or an outsourced Security Operation Center (SOC).


  • Assess and optimize the effectiveness of your Blue Team operations and implemented solutions

  • Assess the efficiency of your defined Blue Team Kill Chain for adversaries discovered on the network

  • Identify misconfigurations and lack of hardening

  • Recommendations for enhancing your Blue Team operations


The deliverable of the assessment is a written report containing the following:

  • A non-technical section with an Executive Summary for management and decision makers

  • A technical section including detailed documentation of observations and tangible recommendations to optimize the Blue Team operations


Based on our specialized knowledge of offensive and defensive techniques utilized by adversaries and Threat Hunters, we conduct a thorough analysis of the Blue Team operations and how optimization can be applied to further restrict, prevent or detect threats to/in the environment.

We can provide valuable hardening techniques for preventing adversaries to move laterally, escalate privileges and further exploit the environment.

We will analyse your specific configuration, across workstations, servers, network devices, SIEM solutions, Security Operation Centre, audit policies and similar, deployed by your internal Blue Team or outsourced managed security services provider. We will furthermore help verify your capability to detect and respond by conducting adversarial simulations in the network.


During the engagement on-going involvement of the customer’s management and technical staff is required.


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