About Improsec

We are Improsec. Our company name is a contraction of what we do – we improve security. We want to make the world a SAFER and BETTER place. We do so through our three guiding principles:

  • We are 100% independent
    We don’t sell hardware, software, or managed services. We give advice straight from the heart and brain to the true benefit of our clients. Nothing but.

  • We take active responsibility
    We want to take responsibility, also when security gets tough. Testing and analysing is the starting point of improving security, and we have our offensive team who are experts on this. However, the tough part is to improve the actual security. We stand shoulder to shoulder and help our clients get the right things done, improve resilience, and increase their maturity in cyber security.

  • We have the best technical capabilities
    We have a select number of services we are the best at, and we employ some of Europe’s leading Microsoft Infrastructure consultants. The things we say we can do, we can really do. We are specialists, not generalists.